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Our 2024 Postdoctoral Fellow Award on Canadian Veterans with Chronic Pain

Eagerly accepting applications until end of day on January 21 2024.

The Canadian Pain Society and the Chronic Pain Centre of Excellence for Canadian Veterans (CPCoE) are pleased to offer a Postdoctoral Fellow Award focused on clinical, health services, or health policy research relevant to Veterans living with chronic pain.  

This award includes support of $70,000*. There is one award available. The duration of this award is for one year.

Notes for Postdoctoral Fellow Award: This funding does not cover indirect costs. The $70,000 will be distributed to the awardee's institution from The Chronic Pain Centre of Excellence for Canadian Veterans. 

Criteria for this year's award winner

Focused on clinical, health services, or health policy research relevant to Veterans living with chronic pain, our 2024 award selection will be made by our Awards Committee in collaboration with the Chronic Pain Centre of Excellence for Canadian Veterans (CPCoE)Please find the linked reviewer criteria in both English and French.

‣ Applicants must be current members of The Canadian Pain Society. ‣ Applicants must have identified a postdoctoral position at a Canadian university and a supervisor willing to host them at the time of the award. This information should be stated in the supervisor’s letter of reference. ‣ Applicants must have fulfilled all degree requirements for a PhD, PhD equivalent, or health professional degree before the start of the award and within four years at the time of application. ‣ The CPS and CPCoE will evaluate applications according to a) the applicant’s qualifications/research background, b) merit of the proposed research, and c) impact of the proposed research to Veterans with chronic pain. ‣ Previous year award winners are not eligible for future awards. ‣ The CPCoE will distribute the award to the trainee’s institution once granted. ‣ The recipient must acknowledge the CPS and CPCoE in publications and presentations associated with the research for which the funding is provided ‣ The awardee must attend the Canadian Pain Society (April 27-30, 2024) in Ottawa, Canada to receive the award (note: no additional funds will be provided for this).

Upload Application

Thank you for submitting your nomination. We will be in contact regarding you're application in February of 2024.

Note:  Please upload a single PDF file that does not exceed 25MB.

Nominate yourself for this award

Please compile and submit one PDF document containing:

‣   Nominee Canadian Common CV (Biosketch).
‣   A letter of reference from the nominee's current or proposed supervisor that addresses research abilities and potential, and any financial or resource commitments that they (or their institution) are making in support of the proposed research.
‣   A two-page Research Project Summary briefly outlining the research project. This summary should include background, aims, methods, and significance. Please use a minimum of 12pt font and 2 cm margins.

‣   A 500-word statement on how the proposed research project is relevant to Veterans living with chronic pain.

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