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Become a Member of The Canadian Pain Society

A multidisciplinary approach to chronic pain in Canada.

The Canadian Pain Society connects healthcare professionals, scientists, researchers, policymakers, and people with lived experience through evidence-based education.  Our purpose is to drive innovation through advancement and advocacy and revolutionize access and care for those living with chronic pain.

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Pain management professionals dedicated to the prevention and treatment of pain and access to high-quality care.

Educational Opportunities

Free access to our ever-increasing body of Webinars, as well as preferred pricing for our Annual Scientific Meeting.

Symposia & Posters Presentations

Submit papers, posters and other content to our programs.

Awards and Grants

Apply for the Society’s program of awards and grants.

Canadian Journal of Pain

Benefit from reduced open access page charges for papers submitted to our Journal.

Special Interest Groups

Interventional, neuropathic, and interprofessional pain management  Special Interest Groups to learn from and network with those who share your specialty.  

Trainee-specific Events

Designed by Trainees, for Trainees, and only open to members

Information and Archives

Access to resources, recordings, and archived information.


Increased opportunities to network with colleagues, peers, and experts in your region and across the country.

Leadership Positions

Committee, Leadership and Board positions provide opportunities to learn, gain leadership skills, and shape the direction of our organization


Trained across multiple disciplines and professions, our national membership encompasses those who are interested in pain prevention and management, including people who live with pain.

The strength of our Society comes from the diversity of our members – across cultures, disciplines, and country – each member brings passion, expertise, and experience to everything we do. We strongly believe that this form of diverse collaboration will create a strong collective voice for our members, the people they serve, and their research projects.

Membership Classifications


Band Membership

Healthcare Professionals, scientists, and researchers who share our visions for pain care in Canada and beyond.  Our band system prices memberships based on income, which we hope will make your decision, an easy one.


Trainee Membership

Students, fellows, residents, or interns at the pre-doctoral, doctoral, or pre-professional level of their careers will be classified as Trainee Members.  

*Trainees must attach proof of their status at an academic institution. 


Everyone Else

People with lived experience or anyone else who wish to join the network of the Canadian Pain Society.  Please register under the 'Other' Band.

  • Band A

    Every year
    Income more than $170,000
  • Band B

    Every year
    An income between $110,000 - $169,999 annually
  • Band C

    Every year
    An income between $60,000 - $109,999 annually
  • Band D

    Every year
    An income between $35,000 - $59,999 annually
  • Other

    Every year
    An income less than $34,999 annually
  • Trainee

    Every year
    Student, Resident, Fellow, Postdoc

All plans are set to auto-renew until canceled. You will receive updates when your plan is about to expire. There are no refunds offered for early cancellations. Manage your Subscription in the 'My Subscription' tab of your Account. For more information please check our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.