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2024 Submissions

Showcasing a variety of artworks presented by clinicians, scientists, educators, and people who live with pain.

This year, we are delighted to accept submissions from CPS members as well as from the public-at-large.  You are eligible to submit your work until March 10, 2024.  

Submission Categories

You can submit your art to one of four categories; Scientific Visualizations (e.g., MRI, Microscopy), Classical Art Forms (e.g., Illustrations, Paintings), Photographic and Video Captures, and AI-Driven Innovations.


The top 5 entries from each category, as determined by members' votes, will be showcased in printed format by the Awards Committee and prominently displayed during our Annual Scientific Meeting in Ottawa.


Voting for this year's winners is up to our Canadian Pain Society members!  Voting will take place between March 20 - April 5, 2024.  Not a member yet?

Our 2024 Art Awards theme is “Shared Horizons: Beyond Awareness to Action”

Journey through the intertwined narratives of individuals with lived experiences of persistent pain, researchers, clinicians, trainees, policymakers, and caregivers. Their hopes, needs, and dedicated efforts come alive in every piece. Through art, we don't merely promote understanding; we inspire action.


Art here doesn’t just foster understanding - it propels us to act. By bridging gaps, nurturing conversations, and sparking collaborations, we unite to confront the complexities of chronic pain, driven by a singular mission: to lessen suffering and advance pain management solutions.

Celebrating the Beauty and Power of Art

Kept Hidden

Tarannum Rahnuma

Winner of our Pain Professional Category

Description of the Techniques: This painting was made with acrylic on canvas.

My piece aims to capture the lived experiences of those with chronic pain, which affects approximately 1 in 5 Canadians. The daily struggle of managing chronic pain can make even the simplest tasks challenging, particularly in social situations where individuals may feel pressured to conceal their symptoms to avoid being stigmatized or perceived as a burden. My painting captures the emotional and physical toll of masking pain in social settings, particularly during happy occasions such as celebrations. Through "Kept Hidden", I hope to foster greater empathy and understanding of the experiences of those living with chronic pain. I believe that by raising awareness and encouraging dialogue, we can create a more supportive and inclusive society that recognizes the challenges faced by those with pain.

Waves of Grief

Newton Martin

Winner of our Person with Lived Experience Category

Description of the Techniques: Vector Art.

Pain hinders our ability to pay attention to the things that matter. When I feel pain I'm often anxious, desperately looking for a place to escape or withdraw. On other days I am bold and motivated to carry on despite the fatigue and stress. It is easy to see the bigger picture when experiencing acute pain and stressors, because we know it will go away soon. However, many people in the world today are in pain over-and-over again. Each painful experience becomes a barrier for people to live a full and enjoyable life. This art piece manifests the uncertainty of long-term painful experiences. The waves of varying color signifies the emotional weight associated with our unsettling or anxious experiences. The sun adds hope to the picture because through the trashing and beating of the waves the sun never ceases to shine. When we take a step back and picture our lives from a different angle, the collage of our collective experiences becomes less of a mess and more of a masterpiece. In time, our experiences transform from being a barrier into being fuel for personal narrative and character.

Invisible Isolation

Aislinn L.

Winner of our Person with Lived Experience Category

Description of the Techniques: Pencil and watercolor.

“Invisible Isolation”, represents how I feel as a young woman living with many forms of chronic pain. At times, I feel trapped, like I cannot break free, as if an invisible force field is restricting me. I can see the world moving on around me, I am visible to others, and yet I am not truly seen. Physically and externally I appear as any other young woman, but on the inside, I suffer crippling and excruciating pain from a medical condition that is a mystery to most people. For individuals suffering from chronic pain, daily life is completely altered; we push ourselves to break free, but often feel trapped in a crowd of seclusion.

Our 2023 Winners

We understand the profound symbolism titles or descriptions hold within the context of their artists languages. We warmly welcome bilingual titles and descriptions, but present them exactly as the artist has intended.

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