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The Canadian Pain Society Quarterly eNews

Stay informed, stay inspired.

We are proud to offer quarterly updates on novel pain education and research, recent publications, upcoming events, and updates from your organization that focus on pain-related issues.  Our eNews publications are a benefit of a Canadian Pain Society membership.

Looking to read our previous editions or submit an article?  Find this page in your member area.


Pain Education & Research

Events, programs, or projects surrounding pain education or research in your region.  What is the main focus of the initiative? What inspired you to start it? Any future directions?


News & Updates

News or updates from your organization that focus on pain-related issues. We find value in sharing topical information from organizations that aim to improve pain management and care.



Have you or somebody you know recently received a national or international award in pain? We want to highlight recipients of awards in pain and share their stories to inspire others.


Recent Publications

Is there a paper that you recently published that you would like to share? CPS members in good standing may submit a link to a peer-reviewed article that they have published in the last 3 months. These submissions do not require a written report – please provide the title and link to the article only. Each author should send no more than one article.


Upcoming Events

We are interested in sharing information about upcoming pain-related conferences, scientific days, symposia, seminars, workshops, or educational programs at the provincial, national, or international level.


What we won't Publish

  1. Product advertisements

  2. Education that comes at a cost (e.g. online educational courses, books, university programs, etc.)

  3. Events, programs, projects, awards, etc. at the local level

  4. Endorsement of specific pain clinics/centers, pain management strategies/interventions, or externally generated guidelines

Are there any exciting pain-related initiatives happening in your area? We are always accepting article submissions that feature interesting, inspiring, and timely content! 

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