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Celebrating the Beauty and Power of Art

Presented by clinicians, scientists, educators, and people who live with pain.

Label the file with the artist's full name, and submission category (eg. FirstLastname_SubmissionCategory) and keep submission size below 25 MB to facilitate smooth uploading.

Photo Uploads Require

  1. Clear Photo Composition: Make sure your area is free of obstructions.

  2. Optimal Lighting: The photo is well-lit and free of shadows.

  3. Thoughtful Cropping: Take a moment to crop your photo, focusing on the main subject and eliminating any distracting background elements. This ensures your artwork takes center stage.


  1. Ensure a minimum resolution of 300 DPI for high-quality printing.


  1. If applicable, please include any trigger warnings for flashing lights, startling sound effects, etc.

  2. Please designate and upload a thumbnail for use to display your work on layouts that do not allow for video.

AI-Driven Innovations

  1. You must include your final prompt and link to the AI generator used. (MidJourney, Dall-e, ChatGPT, Adobe Firefly, etc.

What category are you submitting to?
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NOTE  This does not impact your submission; we simply aim to gain a better understanding of the diversity of submissions

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