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Education SIG
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To join this SIG, you must be a CPS member in good standing. Opt into the SIG at the time of membership purchase.
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One of the important roles of CPS is to disseminate knowledge to healthcare professionals, patients and others in order to enhance the understanding of pain. The establishment of an Education SIG will assist in this role by having the following objectives of the SIG:

  • To enhance the pain education and interdisciplinary training of healthcare professionals at undergraduate, graduate and specialty levels.
  • To develop educational resources for patients with acute and chronic pain.
  • To develop and evaluate continuing pain education resources for healthcare professionals.

The Education SIG will have several working groups representing patients, educators, scientists, and healthcare professionals of different disciplines. The topics for the working groups could include, but are not limited to:

  • Further enhancement of pain education at the undergraduate, graduate and specialty levels in the healthcare professional educational programs across Canada.
  • Establishment of a patient education and resource centre.
  • Setting up a refresher course on chronic pain for healthcare professionals.
  • Creation of a study manual/quick reference guide for trainees and healthcare professionals.
  • Development of a curriculum for the prospective Royal College Subspecialty training in Pain management.


  • The SIG will operate in accordance with the Mission and Bylaws of the CPS, and ensure that a coordinated, interdisciplinary effort is applied to its educational activities.
  • An inaugural meeting of the SIG will be held in Victoria, May 2008. The initial working groups and their chairs and committee members will be decided at the meeting.
  • The SIG action plans will be proposed at the meeting and finalized through a series of teleconferences.
  • To avoid duplication of effort, each working group will coordinate its activities with existing groups. For instance, a working group on a patient education and resource centre will work with patient advocate organizations such as the Canadian Pain Coalition, Action Ontario and equivalent groups to achieve the educational objectives of the CPS Education SIG, a working group on pain education will collaborate with the University of Toronto Centre for the Study of Pain and similar centres elsewhere in Canada to promote pain education at the national level, and a working group on a refresher course will work with other relevant groups such as the Interventional Pain SIG to host a satellite workshop (on a more focused pain topic) to the refresher course.


  • The SIG will seek the SIG start-up financial support from CPS, and also seek financial support from other resources (e.g. industry) for its ongoing operational costs.
  • The SIG's account will be managed by the CPS office staff.
  • The SIG will submit an annual report of its activities to the CPS Executive Committee.