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CPS Webinar Series On Person-Centered Care- How I want to be cared for: Unpacking how people living with pain think about person-centered pain management

  • 2 Dec 2021
  • 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
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CPS Webinar Series On Person-Centered Care

Session 1: How I want to be cared for: Unpacking how people living with pain think about person-centered pain management

DATE: Thursday, December 2 2021

TIME   Eastern: 03:30pm -05:00 pm  |  Mountain: 1:30pm -3:00pm  |  Atlantic: 4:30pm -6:00pm  |  Newfoundland: 5:00pm-6:30pm  |  Pacific: 12:30pm to 2:00pm

Caring for the person that is living with pain is an essential part of effective pain management that involves facilitating trust, partnership and open communication. These aspects of care are often referred to as “person-centered” and transcend professional scopes of practice. Despite the importance of person-centered care, health practitioners commonly report that they feel particularly unprepared to navigate the inter-relational aspects of pain management. This webinar series aims to help fill this gap by exploring person-centered pain management from three vantage points. Each session will unpack the perspectives of key stakeholders on how to best care for the person living with pain. The first session will focus on the perspectives of people living with pain, the second on health care practitioners and the third on clinical researchers and educators. By the end of this series, participants will have an in-depth understanding of what patients value in their health practitioners and health encounters, what strategies health providers use to care for the person in pain, and what innovations are being developed that stand to improve person-centered pain management in the future. 

All speakers consented to session being recorded in our planning meeting.


 Timothy Wideman (Chair of the Webinar)

Timothy Wideman is a licensed physiotherapist and Associate Professor at McGill University and the Co-chair of the CPS Interprofessional Special Interest Group. His teaching and research focus on helping health professionals provide a better care for people living with pain. His contributions have been recognized through several national awards, including a new investigator award from CIHR and a mentorship award from the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

 Peter Stilwell

Peter Stilwell is a Postdoctoral Researcher at McGill University and a Ronald Melzack Fellow in Chronic Pain Research at the Alan Edwards Centre for Research on Pain. He is currently engaged in research on person-centered care and pain-related suffering.

 Virginia Mcintyre

Virginia McIntyre is the president of People in Pain Network (PIPN). She developed persistent pain in 2009 after a shoulder surgery. She holds a BA in community studies, a diploma in radiological and magnetic resonance imaging, and completed multiple courses in leadership development. She works extensively as pain advocate and lived experience partner on research projects, committees, and other pain related initiatives. She is internationally known public presenter focusing on pain related topics with a committed diligence to increase awareness that chronic pain is real.

 Keith Meldrum

Keith is an applied science technologist (civil engineering) and has lived with chronic neuropathic pain for over 35 years. He has been a pain advocate for over 10 years, with a 6 years as a past Vice-Chair of Pain BC. After finishing his term with Pain BC, Keith continued as a personal pain advocate and has been a guest lecturer at universities throughout North America, has taught at international pain education conferences, and is a member of a number of academic research teams. Keith is a founding member of the Global Alliance of Partners for Patient Advocacy, an International Association for the Study of Pain Task Force. 

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