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CPS Art Competition 2021- “Imagining pain”

  • 22 Sep 2021
  • 22 Oct 2021


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Contest announcement:

Would you like to participate in the inaugural Canadian Pain Society Art Competition and share images that can help us better understand pain.

This year CPS has launched the first “Imagining Pain competition, open to all members. The goal of this contest is to:

  • Engage a broad audience in order to learn more about pain and how it affects people’s lives.

  • Showcase the variety of images presented by our members, including clinicians, scientists, educators and patients.

  • Promote scientific curiosity in all audiences.

  • Build a database of images related to pain.

  • Contribute to knowledge mobilization and develop new tools for teaching and communicating.

Competition Details - How do YOU Define Pain?


  • Scientific images (e.g., MRI, microscopy)
  • Meaning of pain images (e.g., drawing, animation)

Prize: 3 prizes (1-yr membership)

  • Scientific images: 1 stream (for all)
  • Meaning of pain images: 2 entry streams - PWLE, (trainees and faculty)

Jury: People’s Choice – CPS Membership

Submission deadline: October 22nd, 2021

Voting: During National Pain Awareness Week, November 1st -7th, 2021

Submission criteria:

  • You must be a CPS member
  • Images must be directly related to the theme of contest: How do YOU define pain?
  • You must have the right/permission to share the image for non-commercial purposes.
  • By submitting you agree that CPS can use and publish the images on their website and social media platforms.
  • Each participant can submit one image only.
  • All types of image technologies can be used (e.g., MRI, microscopy, photography, computer-generated images, models, drawings, diagrams, graphs, animation, paint, mixed media, etc.)
  • The electronic files of the images must be:
  • In high resolution (at least 1080x1080 pixels)
  • Submitted in their original format, not in a compressed file
  • Submitted in one of these file formats: .png, .tiff  .jpg, MP4.
  • A three-part description must accompany the images:
Catchy title (max 15 words)
Plain-language explanation of its meaning for a lay audience (max 200 words)
Description of the techniques/ technologies used to create the image (max 50 words)  

Evaluation criteria

  • The visual quality of the image (aesthetics and emotional impact)
  • Effectiveness in demonstrating the theme of contest
  • Simplicity and clarity of the descriptive text

For more information on how to submit contact Zoha.deldar@mail.mcgill.ca and fiona.campbell@sickkids.ca 

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