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Welcome to the  CPS eNews page!

Our eNews is published quarterly and is one of the benefits of CPS membership. To become a CPS member, and received the eNews, click here. Click the links below for the latest, and previous, additions of the CPS newsletter.

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Member contributions

Are there any exciting pain-related initiatives happening in your area? We are looking for articles that feature interesting, inspiring, and timely content! Articles should be  approximately 250-300 words (links and images can be included).  Click HERE

 to send your piece to our Editor. 

Submissions that we will feature include:

Pain Education & Research: Events, programs, or projects surrounding pain education or research in your region.  What is the main focus of the initiative? What inspired you to start it? Any future directions?

News & Updates: News or updates from your organization that focus on pain-related issues. We find value in sharing topical information from organizations that aim to improve pain management and care.

Awards: Have you or somebody you know recently received a national or international award in pain? We want to highlight recipients of awards in pain and share their story to inspire others.

NEW! Recent Publications: Is there a paper that you recently published that you would like to share? CPS members in good standing may submit a link to a peer-reviewed article that they have published in the last 3 months. These submissions do not require a written report – please provide the title and link to the article only. Each author should send no more than one article.

Upcoming Events: We are interested in sharing information about upcoming pain-related conferences, scientific days, symposia, seminars, workshops, or educational programs at the provincial, national, or international level.

Please note, we do not accept submissions of the following:

  • Education that comes at a cost (e.g. online educational courses, books, university programs, etc.)
  • Endorsement of specific pain clinics/centers, pain management strategies/interventions, or externally generated guidelines
  • Feature of a specific research study (e.g. a journal article that was recently published) – see ‘Recent Publications’ if you are interested in sharing your recently published work
  • Product advertisements
  • Events, programs, projects, awards, etc. at the local level

Note: Submissions do not guarantee their inclusion in the CPS eNews. If a submission is selected for inclusion, CPS reserves the right to edit the style, length, and content prior to publication.

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